pelvic health

SPecialized pelvic health for men and women

Pelvic health conditions can cause a range of symptoms that can significantly impact a patient’s quality of life. Pelvic floor physical therapy is an effective approach that uses manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercises, and biofeedback to help patients regain control over their pelvic function and reduce symptoms including pelvic pain, incontinence and sexual dysfunction.

At Inner Strength, we work with you in 6-8 week sessions, providing treatment plans tailored to your unique needs. After the initial rehabilitation phase, we offer routine wellness visits to ensure there is no continuing dysfunction and you have the tools you need to maintain normal daily activity at home.

Women's services


Treating mothers throughout their pregnancy to stabilize muscles and optimize their body for a successful maternity experience. 


Helping women restore healthy pelvic function, strength and stability in the postnatal stage.


Partnering with women in the transitional stages of menopause to strengthen the pelvic floor, minimizing common symptoms.

Men's services

Men can experience a range of pelvic health issues related to the muscles, nerves, and organs in the pelvic region. The symptoms of poor pelvic health have a significant impact on daily life, which is why we work to develop specialized treatment plans for our patients to improve their quality of life. 

Repair & Strengthen

A strong pelvic region has a drastic impact on overall health. We treat common issues including: 

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